Huang Chunyao (1605-1645) was first named Jinyao, with the courtesy name Yunsheng and Songya, also known as Tao'an and Shuijing Jushi. A native of Jiading (now part of Shanghai). He came from a poor family, was eager to learn since childhood, and became a well-known poet and writer. He interacted with many famous people in the southeast, especially Hou Tongzeng (Yongzhan), who was particularly irresponsible. In the 16th year of Chongzhen (1643), he became a Jinshi without receiving an official position. The following year, Qing troops entered the pass and defeated the Hongguang Dynasty in the southern capital. Jiading also fell. The people of Jiading revolted against the Qing Dynasty. Chunyao and Hou Tong were promoted as leaders. When the city fell, he and his younger brother Yuanyao hanged themselves in Xilin Nunnery (also known as Zhusheng Nunnery) where they were studying in the west of the city. Blood was sprinkled on the wall and a large handwriting was written in a hurry: "On July 4th, the first year of Hongguang's reign in the Ming Dynasty, Huang Chunyao, a Jinshi, committed suicide in a monk's house in the Western Regions. Shouting . You cannot advance into the Xuanli Dynasty, you cannot retreat into seclusion, you will not benefit from reading, and you will not achieve success in learning. It is just that you are stubborn. In the future, the Qi of the captives will be restored, and the Chinese scholars will see the sun again. In terms of this world, it is still Know your heart."

He is good at poetry and prose, and occasionally writes works that satirize the political situation. Most of his ancient poems are imitated by Tao Qian. His works include "Shan Zuo Bi Tan" and "Tao An Ji". He is good at calligraphy, a true minister of Fayan, and also a good painter.


Huang Chunyao's "Tian Jia Ci Scroll in Cursive Script"