Li Zong'e (964-1012), courtesy name Changwu, was born in Raoyang, Shenzhou (now part of Hebei Province), and was the son of Li Fang. Jing Dezhong was a bachelor of Hanlin Academy and moved to advise the officials. He is elegant and elegant, and has a collection of tens of thousands of books. He once participated in the compilation of "Xu Tong Dian". Gong Li's calligraphy, regular regular script and sharp strokes make him a family of his own. There is a biography in "History of Song Dynasty". In the Song Dynasty, the ministers learned from Zhong and Wang, and Zong'e had been the master of writing for a long time. Scholars began to study his books, and they were sincere and sincere in order to like him.



Li Zong'e's "Poem of Farewell to the Dragon", regular script, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei