Lu Gongchuo (999-1055) was a native of Shouzhou (now Fengtai, Anhui) in the Northern Song Dynasty. His courtesy name was Zhongyu. Yi Jianzi. Use shade to make up for the official. He moved to Dr. Taichang and was sentenced to Taichang Temple together. Later, he entered the Hanlin Academy to study as a bachelor, and was sent to the Criminal Court and Taichang Temple. He was familiar with the etiquette system. He once collected books from the "Yue Ling" and wrote "The General Rituals of Suburban Sacrifice", which is now lost.


Lu Gongchuo's ruler-slip "True Teaching Notes" (also known as "Hurriyet Notes") [detail] 32.2x49.5 cm Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei