Qin Guan (1049-1100), named Shaoyou and Taixu, also known as Huaihai Jushi, was a native of Gaoyou, Yangzhou (now part of Jiangsu). Jinshi during the Yuanfeng period. In the early years of Shaosheng's reign, the new party came to power. Because he leaned towards the old party, he was demoted to be the general magistrate of Hangzhou and was demoted to the state supervisor of wine tax. Huizong released him but died on the way. Qin Guan is a famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty and one of the "Four Scholars of Sumen". His poems are graceful and elegant, with both charm and charm, and are authentic to the Wanyue Ci School.





Qin Guan, "Mojie Wangchuan Illustration and Postscript", paper 25.2x39.4cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

I was ill in Runan for the rest of the day. My friend Gao Fuzhong brought a picture of Mojie and Wangchuan. It shows in the straight and middle. The disease can be cured by words. Then he ordered the boy to hold it beside his pillow and read it. Suddenly entered Huazigang. Bowen Xingzhuli Restaurant. He sang with Fei (should be Pei) Di and other people. Forget about the ties of this body. Because of thinking about Mojie's paintings. The intention is beyond the dust. The scene is at the end of the pen. Sufficient to entertain the temperament and please the ears and eyes. The words of the former painter are not absurd. How lucky I am to see this picture again. Like the snowy mountains of the Western Region. Shift your horizons. It's midsummer. Facing it is like standing in the wind and snow. Contributed by Jue Huilian. The scenery of the mountains and forests has not yet been exhausted. Call. A stroke of ink. Get it and get better. Now I have it and it clears up the heat. Those who are good at observing should encounter things spiritually instead of just looking at them. May 20th. Gaoyou Qinguanji.