As soon as I heard about it, there was no test of his life. I might have thought that he was a native of Boling (now Li County, Henan Province) during the reign of Emperor Daizong of the Tang Dynasty. He was the magistrate of Jianghua County in Li Dao Prefecture and served as a subordinate to the governor of Dao Prefecture in the Yuan Dynasty. Gongshu, especially Gongzi seal and Bafen. He was friendly with Yuan Jie, and when Yuan Jie became the governor of Daozhou, he frequently wrote about it and wrote it to Qu Shu. Yuanjie had three inscriptions on it: Yitai (stone carving in Qiyang, Hunan in 767, but not signed), Wuxi and Hanting, and the latter two inscriptions were all in Qu seal script. Yuanjie's "Yanghua Rock Inscription" states that "Qu Lingwen, the county official, was also good at seal script". In addition, "Niao Zun Ming" written in Qu seal script (engraved in Shidaozhou in 766), "Niao Zun Ming has a strong structure and is known as Zhongrong in Qing Qu, and is considered to be superior to Yuan Zi. His "Guquan Shan Guan Jin Shi Wen Bian" says: "All the ancient texts used are well-founded and not a single word is fabricated. This shows that the profoundness of public seal science is truly outstanding among the scholars of the Tang and Song Dynasties." Zhu Guantian also said in "History of Chinese Calligraphy. Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties Volume" that "you In the Tang Dynasty, the Qu family should be ranked first among the hanging needle seal scripts."



Qu Lingwen's "Yanghua Rock Inscription" (detail), height 76cm, width 276cm, 766

"Yanghua Rock Inscription" was carved in the second year of Tang Yongtai (766) in Jianghua County, Hunan (now Jianghua Yao Autonomous Region). Yuan Jie wrote the text, and Qu Ling asked for the book, and it was carved on the cliff. The first seven lines of preface are in official script, and the last thirty-five lines of inscriptions imitate the style of the Three-Tiled Stone Classics of the Wei Dynasty. Each character is first in ancient script, then in small seal script, and then in official script.