Shi Weize's birth and death are unknown. He was born in Guangling, Tang Dynasty (now Yangzhou, Jiangsu). His courtesy name is Xiang. When an official comes to the palace to serve the censor, he is known as the censor. Famous for its eight points, it is also used as a monument. Together with Han Zemu, Cai Youlin, and Li Chao, they were also known as the Four Great Li Masters of the Tang Dynasty. Song Dynasty Chensi's "Short History of Shu" said that the official script "is close to Zhongshu, the writing is square and broad, and the shape of the characters is handsome and important. It is also good at seal script and flying white." The handwritten writings handed down from ancient times include the "Stele of Zen Master Dazhi" and so on.

Appreciation of Works: Monument of Zen Master Dazhi

"Monument of Zen Master Dazhi" Picture provided by Kejia

The "Stele of Zen Master Dazhi" was erected in the 24th year of Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty. It is located in the Forest of Steles in Xi'an. It is one of the famous Tang Dynasty inscriptions. Written by Shi Weize. Zhao Mingcheng commented on this stele and said: "The old strength is solemn, and the strength of this book is combined with gentleness." Wang Shizhen said: "Wei Ze's "Dazhi Zen Master's Stele" has a writing style that is very similar to "Taishan Inscription" and is more meticulous than it.