Wu Zetian (624-705) Wu Zhao, a native of Wenshui in Bingzhou, was a warrior in the Ministry of Industry in the early Tang Dynasty.Daughter of Tang Gaozong Li Zhi, she was a female politician in the Tang Dynasty. The only female emperor of the Chinese Empire. An outstanding woman with great talents and superhuman wisdom. She is cruel and ruthless. During her reign, she appointed cruel officials to rule her dynasty with strong methods. Taking Li Tang Jiangshan instead, her dynasty name (Zhou). .

"Stele of the Immortal Prince"

On the fourth day of February in the second year of the Holy Calendar of Wuzhou (AD 699), Wu Zetian went from Luoyang to Mount Song to enshrine Zen. When she returned, she stayed at the Shengxian Prince Temple in Goushan. She was inspired by the scene and wrote an inscription and personally wrote the elixir. On the surface, the inscription records the story of Prince Zhou Ling's promotion to immortality, but in fact it praises the prosperous age of Wu Zhou. The writing style is graceful and smooth, and the artistic conception is vertical and horizontal. On the forehead of the stele are the six characters "Stele of the Immortal Prince", written in "Feibai style", with traces of white in the strokes. The inscription has 33 lines, each line has 66 characters, alternating between running script and cursive script, which is close to the cursive script. The upper and lower sections of the stele and the miscellaneous poems and titles of "Youxian Pian" on the back of the stele were written by famous calligraphers Xue Ji and Zhong Shaojing in the Tang Dynasty respectively. Calligraphy enthusiasts of all ages regard the "Stele of Prince Shengxian" as a treasure of calligraphy art.

The calligraphy style of this stele is extremely cursive, with many side strokes used, and it still retains a certain quaint elegance. "Xuanhe Shupu" comments: "In the early days of the later period, I obtained the calligraphy collection of Sun Fangqing, the tenth generation of the Jin Dynasty king, and copied and played with it. Since then, my writing power has improved. His handwriting has a manly style."