A native of Huaizhou Hanoi (now Qinyang, Henan) in the Tang Dynasty. The official order of the prince's family. Looking out of Taiyuan, he successively held the posts of Secretary Lang, Shaofu Jiancheng, Chengmen Lang, Food and Drinking Department Yuanwai Lang, Ji Wangyou, Prince Xima, Simen Langzhong, Taisun Counselor, and finally the Prince's Family Order, which is known as the "Wang Family Order" in history. He is good at running calligraphy and is especially good at handwriting.
During the reign of Empress Wu, Li Sizhen of the Tang Dynasty listed it in the "Shu Houpin" as a middle-grade piece in Zhijing's book, and had the reputation of "the lonely crane in the clouds" and "the broken jade and the remaining gold".
Zhang Huaiguan's "Shuguan" said: "Knowing respect for work and grass, and doing well, he is especially good at Zhangcao. He has both skin and bone. His sword and halberd are enough for self-defense, and his hair and feathers are enough for flying. If he wants to have a grand plan and use the sky to defeat the invaders, it is not surprising."
  Dou Meng's "Shu Shu Fu·Annotation" said: "Knowing how to respect work, doing it correctly, good at writing, and Yin (Zhong Rong) has the same work and different tunes, and is also good at cursive writing." Also known as: "As shoulder-to-shoulder with Zhong Rong. The Queen of Heaven's edict One person is inscribed on the forehead of the temple, Zhongrong is inscribed "Zi Sheng", and Zhi Jing is inscribed "Qing Chan", both of which are unique. The "Stele of Two Jia, Dezheng, Luochuan Changshi" is in the southeast corner of Xiuxian Temple, which is the trace of Zhi Jing, which is extremely sharp. Fengxiu. Qingchan Temple and Zisheng Temple are still known by passers-by and stop to take a look."
Tao Zongyi of the Ming Dynasty commented on Wang Zhijing in "History of Calligraphy and History": "The workmanship is upright, well-executed and grass-roots, sharp and graceful." He was good at official calligraphy. The reviewer of the official book said: "It is like the leap of a unicorn, similar to the soaring of a luan and a phoenix."

The main calligraphy handed down from ancient times include "Li Jing Stele", "Diamond Sutra Stele" and so on.