It was collected by Ruan Dacheng (1586-1646) and named Yuanhai, also known as Shichao and Baizishanqiao. A native of Huaining (now Anqing, Anhui). He was a Jinshi in the forty-fourth year of Wanli (1616). During the Tianqi period, he was involved in official transfers and attached himself to the eunuch Wei Zhongxian. In the early days of Chongzhen, Wei Zhongxian was attached to Wei Zhongxian. During the Hongguang Dynasty of the Southern Ming Dynasty, Ma Shiying recommended the official to the Ministry of War. Reversing the case and retaliating against the Donglin Party members aroused public outrage. In the second year of Shunzhi (1645), Nanjing was captured by Qing troops and he fled to Fang Guoan's army in Zhejiang. The next year, he surrendered to the Qing Dynasty, led the Qing troops to defeat Jinhua, and then attacked Xianxia Ridge. He died of a stroke. One theory is that he was killed by Qing soldiers. He is quite talented and famous, good at poetry, and has written many legends, including "Swallow Notes", "Spring Lantern Riddles", "Muni He", "Double Gold List", etc.
Both this man and Ma Shiying were great traitors of the Southern Ming Dynasty. The "Peach Blossom Fan" mentioned "Ruan in the crotch of his pants" was also the "Ruan in the crotch of his pants". Wang Duo once used black silk paper to write the drama "Swallow Notes" for him. This book has the intention of Zhang Rui, and Zhang Ye once He is a member of the eunuch party.