Qiao Yu (1463-1531), a minister of the Ming Dynasty, was born in Leping (now Xiyang, Shanxi). A Jinshi in Chenghua, appointed as the head of the Ministry of Ceremonies, an official to the Minister of the Ministry of War, and counselor to the mechanical affairs. Ning Wang Zhu Chenhao rebelled and threatened to go to Nanjing in the evening. He strictly guarded the city and killed 300 of Chenhao's men who were lurking in Nanjing as internal guards. He did not dare to go eastward. Chen Hao was defeated, but Emperor Wu was lucky enough to be in Nanjing. In terms of merit, he added the crown prince as Taibao, and also added Shaobao. After Shizong ascended the throne, he was called the Minister of the Ministry of Personnel, and the government was made clear. Those who were deposed by the powerful were all given the rank of concubine. When a dispute arose over the "Great Ceremony", Emperor Shizong summoned Xi Shu, Gui Calyx, etc. He tried hard to remonstrate with him, but he was deprived of his official position because of his disobedience to the Emperor's will. He is good at poetry and prose, including "Collection of Qiaozhuang Bamboo Slips" and "Collection of Yousong".


Qiao Yu's Running Script and Ruler Slips