Po Shanming (1597-1667) had a common surname of Jian, given name Haiming, and nickname Xudong. A native of Dazhu County, Sichuan, he became a monk in the 44th year of Wanli Dynasty (1616). In the third year of Tianqi (1623), he went to Tiantong Temple in Ningbo, Zhejiang to worship Miyun as his teacher and receive his direct inheritance. He returned to Sichuan in the fifth year of Chongzhen (1632). Lives in Taiping Temple, Liangping County. Po Shanming was proficient in interpretation of classics, good at poetry and painting, and was friendly with senior officials and literati in Sichuan at that time. He passed away in 1667, the sixth year of Emperor Kangxi's reign in the Qing Dynasty, and was buried in Shuanggui Hall, Liangping. He wrote 21 volumes of "Quotations of Poshan Zen Master".


"Seven-Character Couplet in Cursive Script" The Clouds Cannot be Retracted or Released, Who Can Make It Good to Drink the Moon? Collection of Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, Chengdu