Qian Bo, also known as Yuan Bo, was born in Huating (now Songjiang, Shanghai) and was Pu's younger brother. In the 10th year of Zhengtong (1445), he became a Jinshi and served as an official to Sichuan as an envoy to Cai. Skilled in classical Chinese and Ci, good at regular script, running script and cursive script. He and his brother Pu were called Liangqian at that time. In the Ming Dynasty, Kai Cao promoted the three Song Dynasties, and the first one was called Zhong Wen (Song Ke), but it was a mockery of being overly familiar. His temperament is close to vulgarity, but his body is charming and pleasing to the eye. Two sinks and two coins are inherited, and the benefits become more delicate and thicker, so it becomes a Yunjian calligraphy habit.


Qian Bo's "Preface to Prince Teng's Pavilion in Regular Script"