The year of birth and death of Ma Yu is unknown. His courtesy name is Yizhi, his nickname is Huafa Xianren, and his personal name is "Ma Qingchi". He was a native of Jiading (now Shanghai). In the eighth year of Tianshun Jiashen (AD 1464), he became a Jinshi and became the head of the Ministry of Punishment. He is good at poetry, calligraphy, and landscape painting.


"Summer Tie" written by Ma Yu. Paper. Running script, length 23.27 cm, width 38 cm. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.
Pictures provided by Kejia

The calligraphy of "Shu Qi Tie" is strong, free and easy, and the structure is open. This post was collected by Zhu Zhichi, Qing Anqi and others in the late Ming Dynasty.