Shi Kefa (1602-1645) was born in Henan Xiangfu (now Kaifeng) in Ming Dynasty. He was named Xianzhi, named Daolin, and Jinshi of Chongzhen. Appointed as Xi'an government official, moved slightly to be the head of the household department, and was a member of a foreigner and a doctor. In the eighth year of Chongzhen (1635), he moved to the right to participate in the meeting, divided into Chizhou and Taiping, and supervised the army of Jiangbei to block the riots. For ten years, he has promoted the royal capital of You, governor of Anqing, Gwangju and other prefectures and counties, admired military affairs, and strangled Li Zicheng. Later, the governor of water transport and the governor of Fengyang were promoted to be Shangshu of the Ministry of War of Nanjing, and maintenance counsellor. In 17 years, I heard that Beijing had fallen. At the beginning, he wanted to establish the King of Lu, Ma Shiying and Ruan Dacheng conspired to establish the King of Fu, and sent him to Yizhen, and then established the King of Fu in Nanjing. Bachelor of Canada East Court, joined the cabinet to participate in politics. Squeezed out by Ma Shiying, Yangzhou was appointed as the Master Supervisor of the Ministry of War Shangshu University. When the army is cleared, the law can be passed on to all the towns, and none of them will guard the dangerous points of Ximen. The city was broken, he could not die, was held, and he did not yield to death, so he was buried in Meihualing outside the city with a robe. Known as the Shige Department, posthumous post Zhongjing. Qing Qianlong pursued posthumous loyalty. There is "The Collection of Shi Zhongzheng (史忠正公集)".


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