Shi Dandang (1593-1673) The vulgar surname was Tang, the name was Tai, and he was born in Wulongshan, Jinning. The legal name is Puhe, the word is responsible, and the word is all the word. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, when he was young, he went to Beijing to take exams, studied in Taixue, and traveled everywhere. The magnificence of the mountains and rivers of the motherland inspired his patriotic enthusiasm; the corruption of the officialdom deepened his dissatisfaction with the Ming Dynasty; the search for teachers and friends made him an eye-opener, plus his own efforts, poetry, calligraphy, and painting. Great progress. Seeing the demise of the Ming Dynasty, he felt that there was no way to serve the country, so he cut his hair into a monk at Jizushan, and put the patriotic pride of "undertaking the task of the day" in poetry and painting.

Zeng mentor Dong Qichang. He has many poems and extensive content, most of which reflect his patriotic feelings and unyielding character. Ni Zan's style of landscape is indulgent. He has a mountain, a river, a grass and a tree, all expressing his deep feelings for the motherland. The calligraphy was changed by Dong Qichang, and later he wrote more cursively, his strength was thin and vigorous, he was bold and unrestrained, and he had a tendency of declining thousands of miles. Shi Tao praised: "Being an old man is a relief."