Sun Shenxing (1565—1636) was named Wensi, named Qi'ao, from Wujin (now Wujin, Jiangsu). Minister of the Ming Dynasty. In the twenty-third year of Wanli (1595) Jinshi, the right servant of the tired official and ritual department. At the beginning of the apocalypse, he called the official book of the Ministry of worship, in order to pursue the crime of the scholar Fang Congzhe's recommendation of the red pill, which was a taboo for the powerful. In the second year of the apocalypse (1622), he resigned due to illness. The post-castry party wrote the "Three Dynasties Essential Code (三朝要典)", the case of turning the red pill, be cautious to be the chief culprit, and negotiated against Ningxia. It coincided with the defeat of Wei Zhongxian and was exempted from extermination. The soldier presented the crown prince Taibao, posthumous posthumous introduction. Author of "Xuan Yan Zhai Ji (玄宴斋集)".