Shangbin (1414—1486) was called Hongzai, named Suting, and was born in Chun'an (now Chun'an, Zhejiang). Orthodox ten years (14th, forty-five) champion, Chenghua Zhongli Shaobao, also a scholar of the official ministry, a scholar of Jinshendian, gifted to Taifu, and died in seventy-three years. Posthumous post title Wenyi. Shangbin Gongshu Poems, long history. He is the author of "Shang Wenyi Draft Sketch (商文毅疏稿略)", "Shang Wenyi Official Collection (商文毅公集)", "Shushan Bichen (庶山笔尘)", "Song Yuan Tong Jian Compendium (宋元通鉴纲目)" and so on.

There are very few works handed down, and Wang Shizhen’s famous sages have their own writings. The preface of this paragraph is very beautiful, with Zhao Mengfu's "Ball Stele (胆巴碑)" style, which is clear and vigorous. Weng Fanggang postscript: "If Wen Yi's name is concealed in this volume, it would be difficult for those who know Wu Xing to recognize it."


Shang Bin's Preface to the Poems of Farewell to Zhe Fan (浙藩送行诗序) (partial)