Wang Chong (1494-1533) was originally called as "Wang Yayi". A native of Changzhou (now Wuxian, Suzhou). He is a very talented calligrapher, but unfortunately he has a poor career in his life. He took the test eight times, but he was not the first one. Only because Yi Xusheng was tributed to Nanjing Guozijian to become a student, he was called "Wang Gongshi" and "Wang Taixue". "He was only forty years old. He devoted all his life to poetry, writing and painting, and he was also good at seal cutting, freely expressing the landscape, and he was very ambitious. He has achieved high achievements in all aspects, and he is also known in the world as Zhu Yunming and Wen Zhengming. Among them, he knows calligraphy best. He is good at all types of styles. He is best at lowercase, line, and cursive. He learns from the Wei and Jin Dynasties, soaks himself in bells and kings, has a deep sense of truth, and his calligraphy tends to be dignified and elegant. In Zi, his calligraphy is particularly interesting. The reason is that his heart does not fall below the Tang and Song Dynasties, and his hands are familiar with the law. There is no madness and strange disease in his brushes. Make the word momentum open and upright, without trivial habits. His lower letters are based on Zhong Yao, which is in harmony with the two kings and can be seen lightly in the quaint; cursive, practicing "Seventeen Posts (十七帖)", "Sacred Religious Preface (圣教序)", etc., and both form and spirit. In the history of calligraphy, he and Wang Duo, who are distinguished by Wang Youjun and Zhao Mengfu, are the only ones who have learned about the history of calligraphy. Wang Zhixiao scattered. As far as Qi Yun said, Wang Chong is the first, but unfortunately he passed away early and failed to reconcile and go further. .

His works include regular script "Xin Si Shushi Shishi (辛巳书事诗册)", cursive script "Li Bai Gufeng Poems (李白古风诗卷)", "Shihu Eight Quatrains (石湖八绝句卷)" and so on.