Wen Peng (1498--1573) was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The eldest son of the famous painter Wen Zhengming. Famous calligraphy and seal carver in Ming Dynasty. He used to be a doctor of the Imperial College in Liangjing, known as Wen Guobo. His poetry, calligraphy, and seal cutting inherited his family studies, and his calligraphy has the reputation of being blue and blue.

Wen Peng's cursive script is idle and well-organized, scattered and precise, with a vigorous character, and the strength of his father Wen Zhengming and Sun Guoting. He has in-depth research on the six books, and according to the tooth seal used in the "The Story of the Yin Ren (印人传)", he personally wrote the ink and asked Nanjing Li Shizi to engrave it. Wen Peng's status in seal studies is much higher than in calligraphy. He is recognized as the founder of the Ming and Qing schools of seal cutting.