Wang Huizhi (343-386), courtesy name Ziyou, was the son of Xi and his younger brother Wang Xianzhi. His articles were highly praised by the world and he was good at calligraphy and painting. Ziyou was born with an unruly and unruly nature and a good nature. At that time, people admired his talent but despised his behavior. Later, he became the minister of Huangmen, abandoned his official position and returned eastward.


"Crescent Moon Tie" can be found in the "Long Live Tongtian Tie" collected by the Liaoning Provincial Museum. It is said to be a Tang copy of Wang Hui's book. This post is mainly written in regular script, which is free and easy to write. The brushwork is changeable and beautiful and smooth. "Xuanhe Shupu" of Song Dynasty. Commenting on his calligraphy, "the rhyme of his calligraphy is also excellent."

The book of Lang Hui, Huangmen of Jin Dynasty
On the second day, I told □'s daughter that the new moon was so sad that she couldn't overcome it.
No matter what. I miss you so much, I can't let you go. gain knowledge
You are so haunted by strange evils, how will rain, dampness and heat return to you?
Like, can’t you eat? I have worked hard and stopped, but don’t go back.
Return in a few days, you will protect yourself. Powerless.
Huizhi and other books.
Yao Huaizhen,