Wang Hui (464-549), named Jingwen, was the sixth son of Wang Dao and the uncle of Wang Xun. He has been an official in the history of Wu Dynasty, the internal history of Kuaiji, a general in the army, and a regular servant in the cavalry. He lived a life of indifference and quietness, and did not compete for glory and wealth. He is good at calligraphy, and his calligraphy strokes are sharp and sharp. He is similar to his quiet character and does not compete for glory and wealth. The Liaoning Museum has a collection of his calligraphy copies "Boil Heel Tie" and "Weng Zun Ti".



Wang Hui's "Boil Heel Tie" and "Weng Zun Ti" are found in the "Tang Dynasty Copy of Long Live Tongtian Tie" collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum, a Tang copy.

Interpretation: A book written by the general of the Central Guards of the Jin Dynasty, my tenth generation uncle.
Hui Dun first □□□□,
For thoughts. I have boils and swelling,
Very scoundrel, powerless, □
Weng Zun's body is peaceful and peaceful.
To comfort and protect the province, the children are together
Healthy. It's a good time to send a letter to Ji Ze.
□ Village, I should let you know
What I said is true
also. Guo Guiyang has arrived,
The general's armor is very fine. King Wei
also. Guo Guiyang has arrived,
The general's armor is very refined. King Wei
Linqing Army Horse Xiaobu
We call them ears! Report their illness to everyone
Oh no, autumn and winter are gone
Worry and illness. Late to know
ask. July 27th.