Wang Xun (350-401) had the courtesy name Yuan Lin and the small character Dharma Protector. Langya was born in Linyi (now Linyi, Shandong) and was born into the Wang family of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Both his grandfather Wang Dao and his father Wang Qia were good at calligraphy, and the "Sage of Calligraphy" Wang Xizhi was his cousin. Wang Xun, who grew up in such an environment, naturally received great attention for his calligraphy. What's more, his "Bo Yuan Tie" was a rare authentic Dharma calligraphy by a famous person in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It was the only authentic work of the Wang family in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and has always been considered. Calligraphers, collectors, and connoisseurs regard it as a rare treasure.

"Boyuan Tie" is a letter written by Wang Xun to greet relatives and friends about their illnesses. The writing is natural and smooth, handsome and elegant. It is an early model of running script. The writing is skillful and clear and elegant throughout. From the peaceful words, we can get a glimpse of the "Shang Yun" calligraphy style of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the pursuit of perfection. His aesthetic ideals and tastes are closely related to the social fashion at that time.

Dong Qichang called it a "beautiful thing". He commented on "Bo Yuan Tie" in "Essays on Painting a Zen Room": "It is unrestrained and ancient, and the Eastern Jin Dynasty is so romantic that it can be seen before your eyes." Indeed, "Boyuan Tie" provides us with a way to "enter the Jin Dynasty directly" and "write to pursue the two kings". Its writing style and structure are similar to many of Wang Xizhi's Dharma Tie, but it is thinner, harder, open, and has its own look. Yao Nai, a native of the Qing Dynasty, praised it: "It is like the rising sun, like the breeze, like clouds, like clouds, like smoke, like the winding cave in the deep forest."

Hongli, Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty, designated Boyuan Tie, Wang Xizhi's Kuai Xue Shi Qing Tie, and Wang Xianzhi's Mid-Autumn Tie (author's note: the latter two are not authentic, but are copies) as "Sanxi Tie". He also wrote praises and postscripts on "Bo Yuan Tie" and added trees and rocks in the blank spaces. Hongli also compiled and engraved a large series of Dharma calligraphy in the name of "Sanxi", which is the famous "Sanxi Hall Dharma Tie".

Wang Hui, whose courtesy name is Jingfu, is the sixth son of Wang Dao and the uncle of Wang Xun. He is good at calligraphy, and his calligraphy strokes are sharp and sharp. He is similar to his quiet and pure character, and he does not strive for glory and wealth. The Liaoning Museum has a copy of his calligraphy "Boil Heel Tie".