Wang Zhi (460-513) was born in Linyi, Langya. Wang Monk Qianzi. "Book of Liang" Volume 21 "Biography of Wang Zhi": "Zhi Shan Cao Li, at that time thought of regular script."


Explanation of "No Application for a Day" (also known as "Tie for Sore Throat"):
In the Sixth Dynasty, I followed my uncle Liang Zhong to write an order to Lin Ru'an Hou Zhishu
One day, no application, just correction
It’s rainy and you’re going to be dark, so you have to report it
Deeply comforted. I come at night
Suffering from sore throat and dizziness, why?
□ It’s too late to be late
Narrative. Zhu Wei □ but not □.