Xie An (320-385) was originally from Taikang and lived in Kuaiji. A famous politician in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Xie An was born in a noble family. He paid attention to self-cultivation when he was young. He liked reading and practicing arts and had great talents. But he didn't want to be an official. He built a hut on Dongshan Mountain in Shangyu and lived in seclusion. He "thanked the world and sang to the mountains and forests" and lived a leisurely life in seclusion. It was not until his good friend and attendant Wang Tanzhi went to Dongshan to invite him, telling him bitterly that the country was in danger and the country was in decline, and that it was in urgent need of good generals and advisers to support him. Xie An then became worried and accepted the call. At that time, he was already in his prime. After "making a comeback" and being ordered to face the crisis, Xie An spent all night and had enough food and clothing, not daring to slack off, and began the twenty years of struggle in his middle age. In 383 AD, the former Qin army went south, and Fu Jian led a million troops, threatening to conquer Jiangdong in one fell swoop. Xie An was not afraid in the face of danger and asked Xie Shi and Xie Xuan to refuse. As a result, he won a complete victory in the battle of Feishui, writing a glorious page in the history of Chinese wars in which he defeated more with less.

Xie Antie

Zhonglang Tie (passed as a copy of Shaoxing Imperial Academy in the Southern Song Dynasty) 23.3X25.7 cm Collection of the Palace Museum in Beijing