Xie Wan Zi Wan Shi, Xie An's younger brother. He is not as good as Xie An, but he is also very talented and good at showing off himself. He is quite famous at a young age and has a successful career. In the second year of Shengping (358), Xie An's brother Xie Yi passed away, and Xie Wan was appointed as the general of Xizhonglang, supervising the military affairs of Si, Yu, Ji, and the four prefectures, and concurrently serving as the governor of Yuzhou. However, he was not the material to lead troops in battle. When he was ordered to march to the north in October of the third year of Shengping, he still acted like a famous scholar. He only cared about howling and singing to show his loftiness, and did not care about Fusui tribesmen. Xie An was very worried about his brother's behavior and warned him: "As a marshal, you should always hand over the generals to please the people. How can you achieve anything with such an arrogance?" Xie Wan then summoned the generals. , I want to comfort myself. Unexpectedly, this usually eloquent talker couldn't even say a word of comfort. After holding it in for a long time, he simply pointed at the generals present with the iron ruyi in his hand and said: "All generals are powerful soldiers." Such insult and contempt, Not only did it fail to appease the generals, it actually made them more resentful. Xie An had no choice but to replace Xie Wan and personally visit the generals below the team commander one by one, try his best to comfort him, and asked them to try their best to help Xie Wan. But this did not save Xie Wan's fate of failure. Xie Wan led his troops to reinforce Luoyang, but before they could engage in battle with the enemy, his soldiers were panicked and fled. Xie Wan fled back alone in embarrassment. The soldiers wanted to kill him, but they didn't do it for Xie An's sake. Xie Wan, who lost his troops and generals, was soon dismissed as a commoner.

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