Bo Shaozhi, a native of the Song Dynasty in the Southern Dynasties, was born in Danyang and his courtesy name was Jingshu. When the official arrives, the matter is in progress. He is good at writing and has a unique style. Especially when workers are walking and grassing, the grass is graceful and graceful, and the sheep are happy when the time comes.
Yuan Ang, a scholar of the Liang Dynasty, wrote in "Ancient and Modern Book Reviews" that "Bo Shao's books are written with awkward movements, like a dancing girl lowering her waist, an immortal roaring at a tree, or even shaking the paper vigorously, with the potential to flash and fly." ("Taiping Yulan") Volume 748). Xiao Yan, Emperor Wu of Liang Dynasty, said in his "Review of the Pros and Cons of Ancient and Modern Calligraphers" that "Bo Shao's books are like dragons flying in the sky, lingering and lovely". Yu Jianwu's "Shu Pin" listed his calligraphy as the lower and upper grades, and Zhang Huaiguan's "Shu Duan" listed his official script, running script and cursive script as excellent grades. The ancients praised: "I learned from Xiao Wang, and his style is unique. Several generals will come out of the box, and the light will shoot at people. Wei Wu will be in charge of the army, and he will control the enemy vertically and horizontally."



Relevant information (excerpted from "Taiping Guangji"):
  Bo Shaozhi tried to reduce his qualifications and joined the army. In the 24th year of Yuanjia, he lived in Xibin's villa in Dongfu. Be neighbors with Zufa. Kai's mother, Liu, was seriously ill and died in the middle of the night on May 1, the 22nd year. On the second day, he saw a group of rats. The big ones were like dolphins, bright and colorful, some were pure or mottled, some were wearing flat tops, or some were wearing halters. Hundreds of people, big and small, all day and night. At dusk on the 19th, a white rat, about two feet long, walked under the wall on the four eaves of the inner room and started a fire. If you pour it with water, the fire will not be extinguished and will self-extinguish after a long time. He saw a man at night. He was tall and red, and his body was as bright as fire. He came out of the burning wall and went under the bed. He went outside the wall again. Although he was separated by a wall, the light was bright and clear at that time, but he didn't realize it was blocked again. At the fourth watch, there were four more people, either with Shao Zhiyan in blessing, or with angry eyes and tongues sticking out. From dusk to dawn, the house was burned again in the evening. There were two men, about nine feet long, riding horses and carrying bows and arrows. They were attended by dozens of people, calling them generals. Shao Zhi asked: "Where are you going?" He replied: "I was sent to the east to return the sick." On the 21st, the party arrived again. There was a white dog in the house, which had its own ghosts and ghosts. It was often lost at dusk and returned at dawn. Later, while trying to tie it, a woman came and said, "I'm trying to tie this dog, and I'd like to see him beg for you." He responded with a rope, but he threw the rope and didn't dare to untie it, so he walked out suddenly. The dog then groaned and moaned, dying, and could not move for days. There was a man wearing a brocade robe, with a curved arrowhead pointing straight at Shao Zhi. He said: "You are a monster, and you dare to do something to scare people. I am not afraid of you. If you don't go quickly, let the gods of the great road find you and punish you." The ghost relaxed its strings and arrows. Riding on horseback. (Published in "Shu Yi Ji")