His deeds are unknown. "New Book of Tang" records: Yin Yuankai was born in Leshou, Yingzhou. He joined the army from Cizhou Sicang and was exempted from serving, and he stayed in the army for thirty years. With Zhang Shuo and Lu Zang, he used Hou, and the imperial edict was issued to repair the que on the right.

Appreciation of Works: Mihara Shenquan Poetry Monument

"Mihara Shenquan Poetry Monument" (detail)

"Meiyuan Shenquan Poetry Stele" was written in seal script by Yin Yuankai in the fourth year of Chuigong's reign (688) in the Tang Dynasty. The stele has a pointed shape, which is rare among Tang steles. It is suspected that it was modified from Han steles.