Calligrapher of Tang Dynasty. Chen Jun was born in Changping (now Xihua, Henan). He was the son of Yin Lingmin, a famous painter in the early Tang Dynasty, and the uncle of Yan Zhenqing. Secretary Lang of Liguan, Cao of Military and Horse Soldiers, Lang of the Ministry of Rites and so on. He is good at seal script and official script, especially good at inscriptions on list books. Dou Xie's "Shu Shu Fu" said: "Yin Gong and Wang Gong (Wang Zhijing) are both responsible and responsible. The big ones have rules, the small ones have no basis, the unicorn will soar, the luan and the phoenix are about to diverge. The two lists are inscribed and traces are there, sighing at the hundreds of rivers And left." It is also noted that "Yi Shigong Shu is especially good at writing foreheads, and he was an official in the Ministry of Rites. He wrote forehead books at Anye Temple in Bianzhou, Peiyi, Kaiye, Zisheng Temple, Taipu Temple in Tokyo, and Lingzhou. The divine horse view, the forehead is exquisite and unparalleled." Yan Zhenqing's "Yan Yuansun Monument" also has the words "Zhongrong's ability to write is the order of the world, and people who ask for it are full of notes." The handwritten writings handed down from ancient times include "Chu Liang Stele", "Wu Shi Stele", "Ma Zhou Stele" and "Inscriptions of Kings", etc., all of which are official scripts.


Yin Zhongrong's "Ma Zhou Stele" (detail) 674


Yin Zhongrong's "Chu Liang Stele" (detail) 683