Shi Zhiguo was a calligrapher during the Renshou period of the Sui Dynasty. Learned from Zhiyong. A native of Kuaiji (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang). Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty once said: "Zhiyong gets the flesh of the right army, and Zhiguo gets the bones of the right army." He is the author of "Ode to the Heart", which can be found in Su Lin's "Calligraphy Gouxuan" of the Song Dynasty. The full text consists of two parts: "Ode" and "Notes" Composition. "Ode" is a rhymed style, and the annotation according to Yan Kejun's "Quan Sui Wen" believes that "it is not self-annotation by the wisdom fruit". "Xincheng" refers to "calligraphy".