Su Shi's "Baoyue Tie" was written in running script in 1065 (the second year of Zhiping) and is in the collection of the National Palace Museum in Taipei. He once edited "Su Family Eleven Posts". This post has four lines and forty-two words. Each character has its own posture, with muscles and bones erecting the shape, and expressions embellishing it, making it unpredictable and full of energy. Qi pulses run through the lines, and the whole painting is vivid. The brushwork is precise but not restrictive; the posture is beautiful but not artificial; everything is free and has rules but cannot be controlled. The author's intellectual talent comes from his writing, which is consistent with the Xiao San style of the letters.

Interpretation: Your Majesty ordered me to express my sincerity. In order to rush for the gift letter, things were too long and I didn’t have time to ask. Yesterday I got a treasure moon book. The back of the book also bears criticism. I ordered the prison record to be safe. I didn’t have time to repair it. Shi paused.