Su Shi's "People Come to Get Calligraphy" is a book written by Su Shi in the Northern Song Dynasty. Paper, length 29.5 cm, width 45.1 cm. The main text consists of sixteen lines of cursive script, totaling 192 words. It is signed "Shi Zaibei", but the date and month of the letter is not signed. It is now in the collection of the Palace Museum in Beijing.
"Ren Lai De Shu Tie" is a condolence letter written by Su Shi to Ji Chang after the death of his brother Bocheng, so it has the meaning of "Fu Wei deeply reflects the common sense of gathering and separation between life and death." "Understand the futility of sorrow, relax and encourage yourself". There are seals on the post such as "Wu Tue", "Yu Fu Bao Hua", "Yi Zhou Appreciation", etc. After the post there is Dong Qichang's postscript: "Dongpo's authentic work, and the remaining dozens of volumes are all filled with double outlines by Song Dynasty people. Poe's book is thick, and it has been filled with ink, so it is inevitable to cover it with ink and pig comments. Only these two posts (New Year, People's Arrival) are what Du Lao said that the nine-fold true dragon will appear in a moment, and the eternal horses will be wiped out. "
This post was handed over to Xiang Yuanbian of the Ming Dynasty, Anqi of the Qing Dynasty, and others, and later entered the inner palace of the Qing Dynasty. An Qi combined this post with "New Year's Exhibition and Celebration Post" into one post, and called it Po Gong's masterpiece. "Ren Lai De Calligraphy" is a masterpiece of calligraphy with solemnity and smooth brushwork.

  Shi Qi: People come to get books. Unexpectedly, Bo Cheng suddenly came to this, and he was shocked. Great talents lead to virtue, but they are not repaid even once a hundred times. Ji Chang was devoted to his brothers, and they knew each other especially well with Bocheng. I want to hear that there will be no business again. If I don't pay attention to the door and pay my instructions, and if I don't think about the three sons, if I let my emotions lead me and I don't know how to return, my friends will be worried beyond measure. Fu Wei deeply understands the common principles of gathering and dispersing of life and death, realizes the futility of sorrow, relaxes and encourages himself, so as to achieve distant karma. Shi Meng had a great deal of friendship, so when he spoke frankly, he must observe it deeply. I want to comfort you, but I'm afraid that my sorrow will only make me more confused. Don't be afraid when advancing or retreating, but be extremely tolerant and don't neglect to speak scornfully. Not one by one. Shi worships again.
  Another piece of paper is written in running script: I know that if I hang up on the twenty-ninth day, I can't cry my soul. I will be ashamed of tens of millions. Sprinkle a load of it and tell it as a sprinkling of wine. Pain, pain.