Su Shi's "To Jichang", also known as "One Night Post", running script, 30.3 X 48.6cm, collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

  Su Shi's "To Jichang", also known as "One Night Post", is a letter written by Su Shi to his friend Chen Jichang when he was living in Huangzhou (now Huanggang, Hubei). Chen Jichang was the son of Su Shi's old officer Chen Xiliang. He liked to talk about Buddhism and lived in seclusion between Huangzhou and Guangzhou in his later years. Because he had frequent contacts with Su Shi, who was living in Huangzhou at that time, he became a good friend. In this letter, Su Shi asked Chen Jichang to convey to Wang Jun: Huang Jucai's dragon painting requested by Wang Jun has been temporarily lent to Cao Guangzhou. Once Cao Guangzhou returns the painting, he will return it to Wang Jun immediately.
  This work is simple and honest, with dignified brushwork, plump and fleshy strokes, and slanted knots. The emotions in the first half are peaceful, and gradually become more ups and downs, so the font size, stroke thickness, font style, etc. of the whole work also change accordingly, which is quite Interesting in changes. Su Shi's career was full of ups and downs, and the period when he was exiled to Huangzhou was the peak period of his artistic creation. This work is one of the fine calligraphy works he made during this period. The work is powerful, lush, fleshy, and charming. .

I spent a whole night looking for Huangju to pick up a dragon but couldn't find it. Fang Wu learned that it was Cao Guangzhou who borrowed it for copying half a month ago. It will take a month or two to get it. I'm afraid that Wang Jun is remorseful. Let me tell you in detail. Just got it. That is to say, take it in and go. But he sent a group of tea and cakes with him. It's a good thing. Shibai. Ji Chang. Twenty-three days.