"The Remaining Stele of the Statues in Sand Dune City of the Northern Qi Dynasty" is the "Record of the Statues of the Three Years of Heqing Dynasty in the Northern Qi Dynasty", which is referred to as the "Sand Dune Stele". This stele was unearthed in Sihe, southeast of Yanzhou City, Shandong Province in 1993. The remaining stele is 38 cm high and 141 cm long. It is now in the Yanzhou Municipal Museum. There is a text on the tablet of Shaqiu City: "In the third year of Daqi River Qing Dynasty (564), the year of the sinking was within the east city of Shaqiu." According to this, it can be seen that in the Northern Qi Dynasty, Yanzhou (Xiaqiu) was called a sand dune, and Shaqiu City That is Yanzhou City. This inscription is also evidence that Li Bai moved to Shandong and settled in Yanzhou. Li Bai's poem "Send a Letter to Du Fu Under the Sand Dune City": "What's the matter with me? I'm lying high in the sand dune city."

The calligraphy value of this stele is also very high. The calligraphy is elegant and beautiful, stretched naturally, and the structure is regular script. The waves have the meaning of official. It can be called a treasure of calligraphy in the Northern Qi Dynasty. The third issue of "Calligraphy" magazine in 1996 published the original full text to facilitate people's research and imitation.