"Northern Qi Dynasty Manjusri Prajna Sutra Stele", official script, engraved stone without date, listed in the Northern Qi Dynasty with calligraphy style. The calligraphy of Manjusri Prajna Sutra is not like the regular script after the Sui and Tang Dynasties that pays attention to twists and turns. The strokes are not exposed at the beginning and end of the pen. The strokes are slow, the strokes are dignified, the structure is dense, the wind is thick and beautiful, the strokes are balanced and solemn, and no steep and sideways strokes are used, so it is distinctive. It is graceful and generous, and overall it looks like the "Taishan Sutra and Shiyu Diamond Sutra". "Pingbeiji" written by Yang Shoujing of the Qing Dynasty stated that "to be honest, it was not originally a legal system, but it was plump, spiritual and harmonious, and did not fall into the habit of frugality."