"Da Fang Guang Hua Yan Sutra" is an important Mahayana classic in our country. There are two versions, the 60-volume version translated by Buddha Bhadra in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the 80-volume version translated by Wuzhou Shishananda. The third volume of the ten-volume series, "Lushena Buddha Collection No. 2", was donated to the National Palace Museum in Taipei in memory of Ms. Li Lan.

  The beginning and end of this scroll are perfect, and the paper and ink are as good as new. The length is 25.2 cm and the width is 778.2 cm. The font is flat and square, with a tight structure. The pen is steady and solid, with square and hard turns, and it has already formed regular script; but the horizontal strokes are stretched longer, and the brush is closed and pressed again, and the aftertaste of the official script can still be seen. The whole work is loose and clear, with a simple taste. Since the calligraphy and paper quality of this volume are similar to those of the Northern Wei Dynasty in the Dunhuang Scripture Cave, it is no wonder that the postscript written by Zeng Xi in Xinyou (1921) said: "This Dunhuang stone chamber houses the Northern Wei Dynasty's Dafang Guanghuayan Sutra." "also."