The "Yuanhui Epitaph" of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the stone is square, each side is 75 cm long and 15 cm thick. It was published in the second year of Shengui in the Northern Wei Dynasty (519). The original stone is now in the Forest of Steles in Xi'an.
  This epitaph was purchased from Luoyang by Mr. Youren in 1924 and transported to Xi'an by General Yang Hucheng in the winter of 1935 for Mr. Youren. Yuan Hui, courtesy name Jing Xi, was the sixth grandson of Emperor Zhaocheng of Wei. According to the biography of Wei Shu,
  This annals is a masterpiece among the epitaphs of the Northern Wei Dynasty. It is written with great skill, ease and elegance. Therefore, it was written in the late Northern Wei Dynasty and has basically got rid of the problems of tense situations and is full of peace.
  The calligraphy on the last seven lines of the epitaph is obviously thick and incongruous with the writing in the previous paragraph. However, the structure of the font and the pen used are the same. It can be seen that the calligraphy and inscriptions were carved by the same person and were carved by two carvers separately, resulting in this strange The phenomenon.