The full name is "The hussar general Yi Tong, the former servant of the Wei Dynasty, and the three ministers of Shangshu ordered the governor of Xuzhou, Taibao Dongping Wang Yuanjun Zhiming". Zhiwen Zhengshu, a total of thirty-four lines, with thirty-three characters. Engraved in the first year of Jianyi of the Northern Wei Dynasty (528), it was unearthed in Anjiagou, Luoyang, Henan in 1919. This annal was once attributed to the Xu family in Gushi and the Tao family in Wujin, and is now in the Liaoning Provincial Museum. The lower right half of the annals is slightly broken and damaged.
The calligraphy of this book is elegant, elegant and smooth, and has always been highly praised. Mr. Wu Yuru, a famous modern calligrapher in my country, believes that the pen used in "Yuan Lue Zhi" is closely related to the two kings. The structure seems to be different, but in fact it is from quality to beauty, which is also a natural trend.