Mi Fu's "Bo Chong Tie" (also known as "Zhi Bo Chong Chi Shou", "Bo Laotai Sitting Tie", "Eye Eyes Tie") is written in cursive script. Paper. The length is 27.8 cm and the width is 39.8 cm. A letter. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei. The appointment was made on November 25, the fourth year of Shaosheng's reign (1097), Zhezong's reign in the Northern Song Dynasty. There are numerous seals from famous artists on the paper.

Because it was a letter, Mi Fu wrote it very casually, but his solid skills made this letter also reflect the rapidity, strength and stubbornness of the pen, taking the momentum from the side without being domineering, with many clever and sharp turns in the turns, and the openness of the strokes. , It can be said that you can live in it as you please without breaking the rules.

Li Zhiyi commented on Mi Fu: "It is superb and outstanding. He does not follow the old tradition. Every time he comes up with new ideas in the law, and nothing beyond the pen and ink border, he is truly a miracle of the generation."
November 25th. Fu suddenly started. disgrace
teach. The best in the world. Afraid of losing sight
Head. But I am afraid to know each other. It’s hard to find out.
I can only express my admiration without words. Tongguan
OK. Follow the numbers. hastily. Fu Dunshou
Bo Chong sat on the stage.