Li Yangbing's seal script, 4 lines, 24 characters per line, each character is about 40 centimeters long. 25 cm wide, in Wushishan, Huicheng, Fujian.

The inscription is as follows: "Photograph by Monk Hui, the author and supervisor of the censor Li Gongzao and Li Yangbingshu in the seventh year of the Tang Dynasty." Prajna Terrace is a huge rock. It is said that in ancient times, there was a monk who held the Prajna Sutra here and would not let go of it every day. That's how it got its name.

This is the cliff carved stone left by Li Yangbing. The brushwork bends and loops, changes and opens and closes, with dragons and snakes entrenched, full of vigor and majesty. When writing seal script, it's easy to get round, lively and charming, and hard to find powerful and bold. Li Yangbing has both. No wonder people at that time asked him to write seals on the forehead of the monument to solemnize his appearance and strengthen his influence.