Volume "Ode to the White Feather Fan" by Dong Qichang, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing


White Feather Fan Fu

In the summer of the twenty-fourth year of Kaiyuan, it was a hot summer. He ordered Gao Lishi to give the prime minister a white feather fan. When he was nine years old, he presented a poem and said:
Whatever was used at the time was left to its own use.
The weak feathers of the swan came out from under the rivers and lakes.
It can relieve the heat and cool you down.
How can there be no wansu and color painting articles?
There are bamboos again, and the awns are analyzed.
Bringing close proximity and shaking the fragrance.
But when all the birds are in control, how can Xiu He dare to do so?
When I was in Gaoze, I had the ambition to reach the sky.
In order to achieve something useful, why should we avoid sacrificing our lives?
Bird feathers are solemn, and the breeze is quiet.
Even if the autumn air takes away everything, I will finally be grateful in the basket.
Renxu Autumn Book by Dong Qichang