"An Dao Tie" ruler tablet, 1055, paper, length 26.8 cm, width 35.5 cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Explanation: Xiang worships again. Since An Dao, he has been in charge of Gui Guan, and he has been in trouble every day. He has not been able to remember the official documents at all times, and he is ashamed to chant Wuji. In the middle, he insulted the book and knew how to move Jing. I have recently heard that the Nong invaders invaded the southwestern barbarians, and I would like to send you a message, which is a good thing. Uncle Yong and Zhihan have stayed in the capital, and Wang Zhongyi is coming. Xiang has invited Quanhui, and he will do it day and night. Being short-witted and careless is of no use to current affairs, and if you return to your hometown with relatives, the rest is beyond your reach. Chunxuan, food and love, not one by one. Xiang paid his respects again, and the minister An Dao was around. Be empty. February 24th.