Mi Fu's "Worship of Zhongyue", paper, running script, length 29.3 cm, width 101.8 cm, collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing.

It was commissioned by Zhongyue.
Fu Er.
The clouds and water are often knotted in the heart, and the wind and dust
Face Jiulu. Return to fishing
Ao Ke, first elected immortal
picture. The rat bird is really a waste of time.
Dragon and snake are in harmony with everyone. But pregnant
I don’t dare to take it because I have a lot of leisure time and salary.
People who are often poor must be in official positions, but those who are idle and well-off are
Body honor. Don't trust me sir,
Eventually it became a common official name. Re-discuss
Dharma mouth, quietly wash and look at the mountains. Yi
What is there in Hui Zhong? Books will last forever.