"Standing Scroll of Liu Zhen's Ancient Poems in Cursive Script" collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

This work is a five-character ancient poem written by Liu Zhen of the Wei Dynasty. It is a mixture of running script, modern cursive script, Zhang Cao and Kuang Cao. The fonts are staggered in size, changing naturally, and the lines are compact. It is a typical work that inherits the wild and elegant style of cursive script in the late Yuan Dynasty.

Explanation: Yong Ri Xing Game. The joy is yet to come. My thoughts are in Xuanye. Phase and fly again. The chariot is covered with flying elements. Followers are on the way. The moonrise illuminates the garden. The precious trees are lush and green. Qingchuan passes through the stone canal. Flowing waves serve as a defense for fish. Hibiscus scatters its (leaf) flowers. The lotus overflows the golden pond. The spiritual bird lives in wood. The benevolent beast travels Feiliang. Hua Guan sends Liubo. Open-mindedness brings coolness. Never heard of it in my life. The song is peaceful and detailed. Tou Han sighed. Beautiful and unforgettable.