Shen Zhou's "Ci rhyme Wu Kuan's Poem on Playing Chrysanthemums in the East Garden" on paper, 36 cm in height and 111 cm in width, collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing

This volume is a poem of five ancients written by Wu Kuan in running script "Ci rhyme Wu Kuan playing chrysanthemums in the East Garden" in Shen Zhou's running script. There is also a poem in Wu Kuan's running script in front of the volume. There are 19 lines in Shen Zhou's running script. The inscription is "Eighty-one Weng Shen Zhou" and the bottom seal is "Shen's Qinan". "Zhu Wenfang Seal and "White Stone Weng" Bai Wenfang Seal.

Shen Zhou came to Beijing in his later years and stayed at Wu Kuan's home. Wu Kuan invited him to appreciate chrysanthemums and wrote this poem as a gift. He died the next year. When Shen Zhou wrote this poem, Wu Kuan had been dead for four years, so there are lines in the poem such as "the left ink shines brightly on my eyes" and "the tears of snow touch my face". This book is also a work written by Shen Zhou in his later years. It has sparse and beautiful characters, bold and vigorous brushwork, and great charm. It is also a rare masterpiece.

This volume has two seals: "Bai Chengliang's Appreciation Seal" and "Bai's Family Collection".