Shen Zhou's "Reclining Tour", ink and light color on paper, 27.8 cm vertical and 37.3 cm wide, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

At the beginning of the album, the author writes the word "woyou" in his own calligraphy, which is in vigorous regular script. After that, each painting will be painted in sequence: Imitation of Yunlin Landscape (ink), Apricot Blossom (color), Hollyhock (color), Autumn Willow Singing Cicada (ink), Pingbo Sanmu (color), Weizihua (color) ), Autumn Landscape (ink), Hibiscus (color), Piquat (color), Qiushan Reading (color), Pomegranate (color), Chick (ink), Autumn River Fishing Boat (color), Cauliflower (design (color), Jiangshan Sitting (color), Imitation Rice Landscape (color), Snow River Fisherman (ink). Each picture has a poem or lyrics written by the author.

The landscapes, flowers and birds painted in the album use a variety of painting methods to express their own interests, and also reflect Shen Zhou's diverse artistic styles and rich inner world. There are 7 pages of landscapes in the book, and the remaining 10 pages are devoted to flowers, livestock, etc. that are common in daily life. They are fresh, simple, and full of natural interest. The painting method is also casual and flexible, using color or ink, or boneless, or outline and rendering, the form is simple and the spirit is complete. This selection includes two frames: "Autumn Willow Singing Cicada" and "Chicks".