Shen Zhou's "Sound and Light Tie" on paper, 23cm long and 40.7cm wide, collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing

Send it from Jinzhong to Suhewan, cherish it, cherish it. In the coming days, the sound and light of knowing virtue and position can be seen in Xianglong. The old clan of Demen has its own unique style. The fortune teller in the Wei Dynasty also said that wearing a lotus is enough to stimulate the wind. There is a slight breeze in the countryside, which makes people feel envious and envious. In the poor house and the hungry mattress, and according to the household point, the village children are all stupid enough to support their good ears with materials. I have no idea what the benefits are, but I still have walnuts of the same color. I know that I am waiting for a new way to collect them, but I dare not pay the price. I am not a family-loving person because I am a child. I do everything, relying on the love of the old, hoping to give me some advice. It should be deeply engraved. I have recorded the poems written by Mr. Erzun, the doctor Xingeng. There is a small frame of landscape outside, which is just a general intention. It is only for the country that it is not revealed. Shen Zhou, who was born by marriage, paid homage to the in-laws of Quanqing Zhishi again.
On March 29th, the two sides of the brocade handkerchief were accompanied by seals.