"The Cursive Script Master's Painting Techniques Hand Scroll"


The method of landscape is
Almost adaptable.
Remember the chapping method first, no
complex arrangement, far
Closely mirroring each other, probably
Just like writing,
It’s better to be cooked.
It’s difficult to draw on paper;
It’s good to have alum on the silk
Use the pen, it’s easy to use
Color, easy to enter
Eyes, proposition first
Eye, this is above
Taste. Made by ancient people
Drawing, chest width
Broad, the scenery is self-contained
However, it matches the ancient and modern
Fun, full of painting skills
That’s it.
Belt center
The pen is included, or
See you somewhere nice
There is something strange about the tree,
Bento model writing notes
Therefore, it is particularly promising
The meaning of life. Climb the stairs
Looking forward to the future
Rhyme, just look at the clouds
It’s a mountain scenery,
Li Cheng, Guo
Xi all used this method.
Guo Xi's painting of Shi Ru
Cloud, the ancients said:
The painter of the opening of heaven
It is also.
Big Idiot's Painting Technique
Tang Taishu