"Autumn Wind Fan", 77.1 cm in length and 39.3 cm in width, collected by Shanghai Museum

   This painting fully demonstrates the artist's talent for freehand ink painting. In the picture, the lady is holding a fan, wandering in the courtyard as the autumn wind begins to blow, with a hint of sadness on her face. The poem in the upper left corner of the screen reads: "Autumn is coming and the fan is collected together. Why is it so sad for a beautiful woman? Please look at the world in detail. Most people don't chase the heat and coolness." From the fan in her hand, the beauty thinks that her youth is hard to stay and the world is terrible. She can't help but feel sad. Affection. The painter uses concise brushwork to depict the characters, and his brushwork is slightly closer to that of Du Jin, and is more free and flexible than the painters of the Southern Song Dynasty. The whole painting is written purely in ink, with light ink used to dye the clothes and belt, and thick ink used to paint the hair bun. The dark and light dry and wet colors are just right, and the ink rhythm is vivid. The lines on the clothes are filled with twists and turns, free and easy, and the beauty's sadness of "abandoning her autumn fan" is vividly depicted in just a few strokes. The background treatment is extremely simple, with only a corner of the slope stone, and the upper side is decorated with double hooks and thin bamboos, which are sparse and scattered, giving people a feeling of openness, desolation, and loneliness. This picture is the best among the freehand paintings of ladies in the Ming Dynasty.