Shen Zhou's Five-rhythm Poetry Scroll in Running Script, 129.3 cm long and 29.5 cm wide, collected by Suzhou Museum

Explanation: The sparse woods are quiet, and the wild mind is at ease. Flowing clouds pass over the house, and fallen leaves fall among the books. Sweep the floor to welcome guests, open the door to look at the mountains. I always ask about the city, leaning on my stick to wait for the woodcutter to return it. Shen Zhou

  This is one of the "Unique Treasures" collected by the Suzhou Museum, which is a collection of "Five Rhythm Poems in Running Script" by Shen Zhou, a master of calligraphy and painting in Wuzhong in the Ming Dynasty, "Seven Unique Poems in Cursive Script" by Wen Zhengming, "Le Zhi Lun in Cursive Script" by Zhu Yunming, and "Scroll of Cursive Script" by Tang Yin. "Qilu Poetry Scroll in Running Script" The calligraphy scrolls of four masters are in one place. Qian Yong, a connoisseur of calligraphy and painting, collected a scroll of Zhu Yunming's cursive script "Le Zhi Lun" in his later years. Later, his wife's uncle Wu Hufan successively donated Wen Zhengming's cursive script scroll and Shen Zhou's running script scroll of similar sizes. He then suggested that they be paired with Tang Yin's calligraphy scrolls, and the collection In the Ming Dynasty, all calligraphy and painting masters in Wuzhong gathered together. It is hard to find a heavy-shaped scroll, let alone a Tang-shaped scroll, let alone one that matches the size! Fortunately, "Guoyunlou Calligraphy and Painting Notes" contains Tang Yin's running script scroll. Qian Jing discussed with Gu Gongshuo, a descendant of Guoyunlou, and each of them took out their collections and combined them into one. They thought it was complete and donated it to the Suzhou Museum. This is the rare treasure of this couplet.