Self-written poem in running script, hand scroll on paper, 27×637cm

Congratulations on the beginning of spring.
Thousands of officials in the king's palace pay homage to their crowns, and the imperial omen in purple is in front of them. At four o'clock, great virtue comes to the trees for the first time, but the severe cold has already given away the cattle. When the energy turns, the blue dragon takes over the Dharma, and when the wind returns, the common people move around. The Holy King congratulates his ministers and congratulates them on their visit to Jiuzhou.
We are waiting for you to return from the southern suburbs.
The Holy Lord returned to Luan to protect Bailing, and the purple clouds covered the blue-winged spirits. The chariot, sword, and shoes are all bright and the stars are bright, and the first driver is the flag, and the sun and the moon are bright all the time. The spring breeze of ten miles spreads the alarm, and the harmony of all directions harmonizes. I am happy to see the prosperous Yuan Dynasty in my old age, and I am willing to continue to think about peace and praise peace.
New Year's Day greetings.
The fairy sound is misty and harmonious, and the spring returns to the white jade fence in the sky. When the sun rises, the chicken man sings Mao, and when the snow disappears, the wind is used to drive away the cold. Thousands of jade and silk are displayed at the King's Meeting, and the rituals of one-year-old are re-enacted. When the sun rises and rises, I can't write a question. When I grow old and feel ashamed, I straighten my golden head.
Inner feelings.
There is a white jade hall in the sky, and I am a secretary in my old age. When I retreat to the court, every time I come in beside the flower branches, I can hear the carvings and leaks growing in the distance. The bell cord is quiet, green and quiet, and the preface of the word is rotten and fragrant with purple mud. The savages do not know the joy of Yingzhou, and their clear dreams are still in their hometown.
Name: Zheng Ming.
Seal: Wen Zhengming Seal (white inscription), Hengshan (in Zhu inscription)
Appraisal seals: Xiuning Wangji Qingzang (in Zhu), Luo Zhenyu (in white), Feng Yingliu (in white), Song Weng’s inscription (in white)